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Goat base~

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The PDF. file includes:

- Male, Female and non-binary(or FtM)front view.
- 5 styles of ears.
- 11 styles of horns.
- Goat or humand hands.
- Color pallette base.

By purchasing you agree with this T.O.S:

- Feel free to add any detail but do not edit the mane lines.
- Only for personal use or to desing adopts to sell.
- DO NOT sell or share the base. You can only sell desings made on it.
- Do NOT erase my signature or claim the base as your own.

Any concern? feel free to DM me over any of this sites~
Twitter (@Nand0licious)
Telegram (@Nandolicious)
Discord (NANDO#3416)

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Goat base for personal use or adopts

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Goat base~

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